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Healings by Lisa M


About Lisa

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Lisa’s deep connection with alternative healing began when she experienced her first panic attack. She turned to alternative holistic modalities of healing that transformed her life, and became her life-long passion. Lisa learned that living her best life was not only a gift to herself, but to everyone around her. She has been giving readings & healings for over 14 years now. 


On her quest to learn more, she was called to attend the True Insight Spiritual Center & School in El Segundo, CA. Over the next four and a half years, she learned to refine her natural talents and became certified in multiple modalities reading auras, past lives, and hands on healing.  In addition, getting certified in reiki tummo & working with high end coaches over the years. She has used knowledge from her multi-faceted experience to create her own healing modality: the self-love transformation blueprint.


In this modality, Lisa uses practical and metaphysical guidance to remodal your interior world in order to help you live and embody your best life.  She will access your mindset, spirituality, surroundings and lifestyle, as well as read your chakras and energetic field in order to tailor your healing to your specific needs.  Clients feel relaxed energetically, as well as have guidance for next steps to take to live their happiest & best life. 

Misty Slopes

Take a Closer Look


Intuitive Energy Reading & Healing

Work with Lisa either in person or remotely.  In a typical session, you'll be guided through a mediation, chakra reading and energy healing.

Sessions can also include past lives, connecting with spirit guides, best crystals for you, supernatural reading and more suggestions to live a richer life.

Pet readings

Have you ever been curious what your pet is thinking or want to know what they need to thrive?  Look no further and find out today!

Vocal Sound Healing

Fall into a cloud of euphoria with

sound healing frequency through

Lisa's voice.  In her sound healing 

sessions she channels the energy for

your highest and best good.  


Feel relaxed, renewed and recharged.

Home/office clearings

Clear the energy within your space to 

make room for the next best chapter of

your life.

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Rated one of Top 20 Career Coaches

in LA by Influence Digest

Interview in VoyageLA


I truly believe that Lisa is on her way to becoming one the truly great spiritual guides and teachers of her time.  If you are looking for someone to help you lead a more clear, present and focused life, a life filled with joy and abundance,

I strongly suggest you get to know Lisa.  You will be glad you did.

-Robert MacPhee, former Director of Training for Jack Canfield,

 Founding Member of the Transformational Leadership Council,

 Founder of the Southern California Association of Transformational Leaders, 

 Author of the Manifesting for Non-Gurus book and partner journal, and

 Creator  of the Excellent Decisions Personal Leadership Program

Lisa is such a blessing to have in my life. Her healing process is very effective and always leaves me feeling lighter and accomplished in everything I felt needed more support than everyday remedies. Whether physical or emotional, I always benefit from her sessions. As a healer myself, I can only help and guide my clients through the journey as far as I’ve gone myself. I can always count on Lisa to help me continually better myself so I can in turn help my clients and the communities we serve.

-Scott Cvetkovski, founder and head of healing at One Heart Way. 

Lisa is a super insightful medium. She sensed and knew deep underlying causes for some of my deepest symptoms. I felt 100% better after my session. I strongly recommend her. 


-Napoleon, Successful CEO

I had a beautiful house in Venice that I was trying to sell for two years with no luck, my roommate at the time was a very toxic human being and I was eager to get out of there. The roommate ended up moving out but the house reeked of bad energy. My best friend recommended Lisa to me and she was so lovely on the phone and we scheduled a clearing that week. Not only did the house feel amazing, light and renewed, it sold shortly after Lisa's clearing. 

-Vanessa Lengies, Actress

Everyone can relate to feeling a little "off" now and then. Whatever the cause might be, known or unknown, when I'm in need of clarity, a sense of calm, and desire to feel more grounded I give Lisa a call. Her hands-on healing sessions leave me feeling lighter and more in tune with myself for many days after. It's like pressing the reset button for your mind, body, and soul. You can tell that Lisa is a compassionate person and truly cares about her clients' wellbeing. I highly recommend booking a session with her!

-Michelle F.

Lisa has a caring heart & puts on her Angel Wings when she works with your space. Even her laughter will provide you with a new perspective to move out heavy energy.


-Louise Marie, Life Path Intuitive 

Lisa's aura cleansing is superb. Her energy is calm, focused, and clean. She is very easy to relate to, very grounded, and sweet. I felt the energy very clearly for our entire session, and afterwards for several hours. I felt that the pain I had in my body was soothed away, and I felt light and bright too. I am sensitive to energy, and feel easily, but even if you don't, you can trust that the energy is working. She also felt certain blockages that were present, and shared what she felt in a very kind and light-hearted way. I wish she could have continued for hours, because I felt so good. Thank you, Lisa for the wonderful experience.

-Danielle M., Reiki Master & Educator

I've had the pleasure of being the recipient of Lisa's amazing healings many times, and each time she astounds me even more! Lisa has a heart of gold and really tunes in to what is going on with you. When you are feeling stuck, scared, not sure where to turn, or can't seem to "get out of a funk," Lisa has an uncanny ability to help you get in touch with what is off kilter and helps bring you back to balance, peace, happiness, fulfillment, and the ability to catapult yourself forward, in such a loving, supportive way. Lisa is also very down-to-Earth and helps you remember to be light-hearted along the healing journey. She is a treasure and a God-send. Without reservation, I'd recommend her healings to anyone!


- Carrie Jain, Speech Pathologist

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